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Lake Huron PHRF Association

It shall be the primary objective of this organization to promote the sport of handicap racing of sailing yachts for the enjoyment of the members of the local PHRF fleets.  It shall also be the objective of this organization to establish and maintain a listing of PHRF handicaps of yachts owned or chartered by members of local PHRF Fleets based on potential performance of the yachts and following generally the principles and handicaps established by US – PHRF, sponsored by US Sailing.  Further objectives of the organization shall be the recognition of local Lake Huron PHRF Fleets which meet minimum standards, to interchange information between the various local PHRF Fleets, to assist new Lake Huron PHRF local fleets that desire to form and to otherwise serve the needs of local Lake Huron PHRF Fleets.

Valid PHRF List
Valid List by Boat Name
Vessel List Sorted by Boat Name - 6/11/14 2015 list after 3/1/15
Valid List by Rating
Vessel List Sorted by Rating - 6/11/14 2015 List after 3/1/15
Lake Huron PHRF By-Laws
Updated on 5/11/11
Committee Members
Lake Huron PHRF Handicapping Committee
2015 Season
2015 Lake Huron PHRF Application
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2015 Lake Huron PHRF Application
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PHRF Rating Appeal Form
Submission due by 2/24/14
LHPHRF Fee for New, Changed or Renewal after 4/1